When I think of spring, I feel all light and airy. I could almost feel that gentle breeze on my face as I walk through the field of freshly blossomed sunflowers and daisy’s… 

We can’t really enjoy spring without going through winter; without the cold and wet weather those pretty flowers and trees can’t grow and bloom. Winter is a set up for spring.  When that final rain or snow falls, preparing the ground for those flowers to bloom, there is a beautiful exchange of the season that takes place…one that is unseen to the naked eye but you just know that it has to take place!

Isaiah 60 vs 22
“When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.”

In life we go through different times and seasons and we can’t enjoy and bask in the glory of summer if we didn’t have winter and spring. We can’t have a testimony without going through a test. Everything we go through in this life is preparation for the good things that God has prepared for us!

 I want you to know that your winter won’t last forever, but while you are in that season dig deep into the word! The deeper you go, the stronger the roots are and the steadier the tree will grow. Just like the exchange of seasons take place without effort and right on time every year and just like that God is working in our lives, and if we give Him free reign the transition from one season to the next will also be effortless in our lives.

Ecclesiates 3 vs 11                              

“He makes everything beautiful in its time”

Embrace the season you are in, do not compare your season to the next persons. As America is entering their summer, Africa is entering winter… just know the sun will shine again.

Tamlyn Nkosi

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