Meet the Need

What we do…

Meet The Need International is the arm of Salt Shaker 513 that meets the needs of the broken and those in poverty.  Our mission is to reach the neglected, forgotten, and unwanted people groups locally and around the world. Our goal is to reach out to these people, their local communities, share the gospel, and help their physical needs by feeding and clothing them. We are going into places where people have not gone or will not go to give the people a hope and a future. We will bring the gospel into communities where it has not yet been preached, while meeting the people’s physical needs as best we can without them becoming dependent on outsiders. We desire to raise up local people to help encourage and lead their communities in the ways of the Lord spiritually and naturally.

We want to assist people in realizing and acknowledging their own potential, then see them reach it and beyond.  All in all, we want to see the people on fire for GOD, cast vision into them, and see them do something with it; encouraging them and providing tools along the way.

We have started by feeding a community in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where we have partnered with Every Tribe Missions to feed up to 70 individuals once a month and can do so for less than $1 per person. We are looking to expand into Honduras, Columbia, and other locations this year and would like to be able to feed them weekly. Part of every seed sown into Salt Shaker 513 goes to feeding the hungry around the world. The Bible commands us to care for the poor and needy, by partnering with us you are storing treasure in heaven.

Partner with us now to make a difference:

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